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The Data Management Discussion Group is Changing Platforms

Mar 29, 2020   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog  //  2 Comments
Graphic of checkboxes with Green pen and green checkboxes checked.

If you were a member of our dm-discuss over on Yahoo Groups, you’ll need to re-subscribe to the new discussion group over on We won’t be migrating your personal data to the new platform.

We are moving because Yahoo Groups is being deprecated and has a bunch of great features to make this community more engaging. To subscribe, go to You’ll need to verify your e-mail address, so don’t forget that step.

You have options for how much information you’d like to share on your profile and in the member directory. I recommend that you update your profile to include a photo or avatar, plus that you provide your professional name, since this is a professional group.

Everyone will have their first three posts moderated.

Team Data Office Hours Are Returning

Mar 29, 2020   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog, Data, Events, Featured, Professional Development, SQL Server  //  No Comments

Data Model Barbie with "All about the data" poster

After a long hiatus, I’m bringing office hours back on a permanent basis.  I did this for years, then things happened and I stopped.  Now it’s time, ofr many reasons, to bring it back.

Office Hours is a virtual meeting to discuss data and data-related topics. They scheduled for one hour a week but you can participate as often as you want to.  Drop in for 15 minutes or stay for the full hour.


You must register to get the access code for the meeting.

Meeting Info 
we prefer that you used computer audio. You can also dial in using your phone. (For supported devices, tap a one-touch number below to join instantly.)

United States: +1 (646) 982-0002 – One-touch: tel:+16469820002,,269989161# Access Code: 269-989-161

More phone numbers: (For supported devices, tap a one-touch number below to join instantly.)

Australia: +61 2 8355 1040 – One-touch: tel:+61283551040,,269989161#
Austria: +43 7 2088 1399 – One-touch: tel:+43720881399,,269989161#
Belgium: +32 38 08 1855 – One-touch: tel:+3238081855,,269989161#
Brazil: +55 21 3500-3941 – One-touch: tel:+552135003941,,269989161#
Canada: +1 (647) 497-9391 – One-touch: tel:+16474979391,,269989161#
Denmark: +45 43 31 47 82 – One-touch: tel:+4543314782,,269989161#
Finland: +358 923 17 0568 – One-touch: tel:+358923170568,,269989161#
France: +33 170 950 594 – One-touch: tel:+33170950594,,269989161#
Germany: +49 692 5736 7317 – One-touch: tel:+4969257367317,,269989161#
Ireland: +353 15 360 728 – One-touch: tel:+35315360728,,269989161#
Italy: +39 0 230 57 81 42 – One-touch: tel:+390230578142,,269989161#
Mexico: +52 55 3687 7278 – One-touch: tel:+525536877278,,269989161#
Netherlands: +31 708 912 514 – One-touch: tel:+31708912514,,269989161#
New Zealand: +64 9 909 7882 – One-touch: tel:+6499097882,,269989161#
Norway: +47 21 93 37 51 – One-touch: tel:+4721933751,,269989161#
Spain: +34 932 75 2004 – One-touch: tel:+34932752004,,269989161#
Sweden: +46 852 503 498 – One-touch: tel:+46852503498,,269989161#
Switzerland: +41 435 0167 07 – One-touch: tel:+41435016707,,269989161#

United Kingdom: +44 20 3535 0624 – One-touch: tel:+442035350624,,269989161#

New to GoToMeeting? Get the app now and be ready when your first meeting starts:

Right and Left Brain – Storage and Data Management.

Oct 15, 2019   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Blog  //  No Comments

Commvault uses #DataBrain Lateralization to explain the difference between storage and data management. While this concept in biology is contentious, I like their messaging about the difference between these two things. ‬

Left Brain Storage management RIght Brain - Data Management

So many storage vendors have been rebranding themselves as “Data Managment” vendors, but their messaging hasn’t reflected the fact managing storage requires different thinking and mindsets than managing data.

What have you seen vendors who are moving into the data management space day and do that gives you confidence in their approaches?

DAMA Kansas City – Data Modeling for Data Protection

DAMA Kansas City – Kansas City chapter of the Data Management Association (DAMA) < I’ll be talking about #dataprotection and #security #privacy on Thursday. Join me!

#InteropITX – Finding Actionable Insights in Enterprise Data

May 3, 2018   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Analytics, Blog, Cloud, Data  //  No Comments

In the second session of the day, Andi Mann of Splunk talks about taking action with data.

Finding Actionable Insights in Enterprise Data

Speaker: Andi Mann (Chief Technology Advocate, Splunk)

Machine Learning Process: Find data.  Select Models, Apply and Learn, Deploy


Andi spoke about all kinds of methods for drawing insights out of data. Machine Learning, data visualizations, video analytics, etc.

Some of his key points:

  • “Where are the problems?”  How data visualization is so important to getting information fast
  • Shared data helps find and fix problems faster
  • How to use data analytics for better application deployment

I think the last one is important: we IT folks and data professionals tend think of rolling out innovative approaches for our business users, but hardly ever invest in these methods for ourselves.

#InteropITX – Data Analytics Panel

May 3, 2018   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Analytics, Blog, Compliance and Regulation, Data  //  No Comments

Today is day one of regular sessions at InteropITX 2018. I’m honoured to be the chair for the Data and Analytics track at this year’s event.

We are starting with a panel of data professionals:

InteropITX Data Analytics Panel

Harmonizing Business and IT: Data as the Driver

Speakers: Donald Farmer (CEO, Treehive Strategy), Danielle Funston (VP, Blueprint), Romi Mahajan (Director, Blueprint), Erick Watson (Chief Product Officer, Quantarium)

Some of the best topics they chatted about.

  • Does our lack of common vocabulary or taxonomy in our organizations hurt us? Is it the reason for the ongoing challenges of Business/IT collaboration?
  • How do we get the business to understand data governance, security and privacy requirements.
  • Do all these compliance and governance requirements mean that small and medium-sized businesses should outsource more of their IT resources?  Should this mean moving to the cloud?
  • GDPR will test whether or not businesses and IT are working together.

Our moderator, Romi Majaran had a question that got right to heart of the “IT/Business Singularity”: When will we solve this problem so that we can stop having to have these panels?

A great question.

#InteropITX – Drowning in IoT Data

May 3, 2018   //   by Karen Lopez   //   Analytics, Blog, Cloud, Data  //  No Comments

Dave McCarthy of Bsquare, is starting our Data track today with a presentation on leveraging analytics on IoT projects.

Automation is essential slide. Lightbulb flowing into 2 paths, one for automated processes and another for Human processes.

Drowning in IoT Data: Why Adaptive Diagnostics is the Difference Between Sinking and Swimming

Speaker: Dave McCarthy (Senior Director, Products, Bsquare)

Dave made these major observations:

  • Automation is essential to supporting the volume of IoT data
  • Edge Computing (processing data at the source before sending it) is essential
  • Adaptive Diagnostics is a data driven way of dealing with errors and alerts. It is more efficient and leads to more accurate repairs.

Out of this presentation, I was most interested in the Adaptive Diagnostics.  I think because this is also the future of IT management. More machine learning and AI in IT management, especially in emergency response scenarios.


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